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Chung Yuan Christian University and Brilliant Pictures Group (BPG) collaborate to cultivate the next generation of animation talent

[Announcement] In order to cultivate competitive talent crucial to the animation industry, Chung Yuan
Christian University signed a memorandum of understanding with Brilliant Pictures Group (BPG) on March
14th. Through this industry-academic collaboration, students will gain practical insights into future trends in
the animation market, early exposure to professional techniques in animation production, and access to
training courses designed to equip them with industry-relevant skills. This initiative aims to bridge the gap
between academia and industry, aligning theoretical knowledge with practical experience, and realizing the
goal of concurrent education in theory and practice.

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Department of Digital Media Design and Animation And Comic Creative Industries Design Program Integration Proposal!!

Due to intense competition among the Digital Media Design Department, Business Design Department, and Product Design Department for students in the Bachelor's Degree Program in Animation Creative Design, a situation of internal competition has arisen within the university. Additionally, in recent years, there has been a decline in the number of applicants, admissions, and registered students, leading to a shortage in enrollment. Facing challenging circumstances in student recruitment, a careful assessment has led to the proposal for the 114th academic year to merge with the Digital Media Design Department, forming the "Department of Digital Media Design."
Both the "Department of Digital Media Design" and the "Bachelor's Degree Program in Animation Creative Design" conducted two online hearings separately on January 22 and 23 of the 113th academic year. During these sessions, thorough explanations and communications took place directly with faculty and students. If students were unable to participate in the online hearings, they are encouraged to download the presentation for self-review. For any questions or concerns, please visit the office to consult with the secretary or department chair. Thank you.



Ming Chuan Animation Program X Japan Anauki College International Animation Film Competition

Ming Chuan University and Anabuki College in Japan recently co-organized an "International Animation Competition." The competition, themed "Linking," garnered enthusiastic responses from students in Taiwan and Japan. On November 30th, an award ceremony and an exchange event between students and faculty were held in a Taiwan-Japan collaborative manner. The ceremony was conducted online, allowing participants to watch all the awarded outstanding works. Certificates and commemorative items were presented by faculty members from both institutions.



Ming Chuan Animation Program's Teacher Cheng Hsing-Hui Nominated for Grammy Award for Best Album Packaging Design

The nominations for the 66th Grammy Awards have been announced, and Cheng Hsing-Hui, an alumna of Ming Chuan University's Digital Media Design Department and an adjunct instructor in the Animation and Creative Design Bachelor's Degree Program, has been nominated for the 'Best Album Packaging Design Award' for her work on the album 'Spontaneity 21.' The award ceremony is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, USA, in February 2024.



The third ACCID's works online exhibition

Exhibition Dates:June 5th to June 9th,2023

The theme for this event is “Gravity-free Exposition”, showcasing the educational achievements of students from the first to the third year of the third ACCID through an online platform. The exhibition includes four major categories: animation, graphics, videos, and cultural and creative works, with over 400 pieces on display. Here, you can temporarily forget about external worries and purely appreciate the works within this online space. You’re welcome to join and enjoy the exhibition.

2023 The Epic Tale of Ming Chuan: A Serendipitous Encounter with Anime!

Anime Unveiled: A Comprehensive Guide to Sharing Learning Process Data and Interview Evaluation Criteria with Classmates, Encouraging Thorough Preparation and Confident Responses.

For more details, please refer to:2023 Admissions information


2023 The 2nd Annual Ming Chuan University Animation and Comic Creative Industrive Design Program

The theme of the event is 'Accident,' symbolizing the various unexpected challenges and setbacks we have encountered over the past four years. However, we have transformed those experiences into sources of strength, continually moving forward. We warmly welcome you to join us at the event venue!

●Campus Exhibition:5/9 - 5/12,The Design Building (M building) 1F
●YODEX Young Designer Exhibition:5/19 - 5/22,Taipei Nangang Exhibiton Center Hall 4F